Генерален представител на Stonex за България

Генерален представител на Stonex за България

STX Drill

Купи Сега

STX-DRILL is a GPS guidance system for jet grouting capable to determine the correct planimetric position of the columns, the verticality of the drilling tower and the deviations from the designed coordinates.

STX DRILL guides the operator straight to the designed coordinates thanks to the easy and intuitive user interface. It is only required to drive the machine and match the head and tail edges of the pole against the crosshairs displayed on the screen.

Once the placement is finished, the system provides the exact excavation depth to be reached.


The Project can be generated, importing the local coordinates from different formats (DXF, TXT). A TARGET POINT file will be produced for the GPS navigation purpose. The Project coordinates include the depth and the tilt information.


Thanks to a remote connection it is possible to monitor the progress of the work and update the projects in real time.


Manual positioning of the probe on the post is no longer required, the operator is guided directly to the designated drilling spot in a precise, easy and faulty-free way. Each function can be controlled through a display installed on the rig.


Thanks to STX-DRILL it is possible to assess and store the position of the drilling point, to verify the vertical/ slanted position of the probe, the exact beginning, final position of the treatment, the points made and those still to be treated.


Adopting STX-DRILL solution means reducing production costs. Less operators with high productivity.

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